This Week Is Round: 487
NickName: shadow12x
Created at: 2020-05-11 20:26:16.35255
Expiry at: 2020-06-10 20:26:16.35255
Country: AU
City/Town: Sydney
Phone Number Valid: Yes
Total # Of Rounds Allowed: 4
Total # Of Rounds Played: 2
Rounds Played: #484 #485
Minutes Online: 1037 (17 hours)
Total Traffic Transfered: 310401375 bytes
Points: 6 of a maximum of 38
Points per Minute: 0.0058
Points per Hour: 0.3472

The following graph shows the game as it was when the user was playing
If hosts have been added or removed since the player expired these will not be shown

%3 cluster_a cluster_0 DMZ cluster_1 Desktop cluster_2 SCADA cluster_3 Key DMZ_Apache DMZ_Apache DMZ_Apache_FTP DMZ_Apache_FTP DMZ_Corpweb DMZ_Corpweb DMZ_Lime DMZ_Lime DMZ_Mail DMZ_Mail DMZ_ns1 DMZ_ns1 DMZ_RAS DMZ_RAS DMZ_Shop DMZ_Shop DMZ_VideoConf_TB DMZ_VideoConf_TB DMZ_www1 DMZ_www1 Desktop_AD Desktop_AD Desktop_AD2 Desktop_AD2 Desktop_Admin Desktop_Admin Desktop_Apache Desktop_Apache Desktop_Cacti Desktop_Cacti Desktop_Cisco1 Desktop_Cisco1 Desktop_Cisco2 Desktop_Cisco2 Desktop_Cisco3 Desktop_Cisco3 Desktop_csymon Desktop_csymon Desktop_Exchange Desktop_Exchange Desktop_FileServer Desktop_FileServer Desktop_HRDesktop1 Desktop_HRDesktop1 Desktop_ITDesktop1 Desktop_ITDesktop1 Desktop_MYSQL1 Desktop_MYSQL1 Desktop_MYSQL2 Desktop_MYSQL2 Desktop_Sharepoint Desktop_Sharepoint Desktop_VMS1 Desktop_VMS1 SCADACON_Reactor_Control SCADACON_Reactor_Control SCADACON_Win2k SCADACON_Win2k SCADA_Desktop_WINXP SCADA_Desktop_WINXP SCADA_IGSS_XP SCADA_IGSS_XP SCADA_Water SCADA_Water POINT 0wn3d NOPOINT Not0wn3d